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VESBO has been the leading brand in the thermoplastic piping industry since 1992.

We produce pipes and fittings with sizes ranging from 16mm up to 4 meters, in order to meet the needs of our customers under one roof.

For buildings and for infrastructure of cities, the quality of VESBO products is certified by the most prominent testing authorities in the world.

With offices located in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and distribution networks covering 75 countries and regions, we set the trend for plumbing and pipeline projects.

Maintaining a global viewpoint, through our own and our partners’ production plants in Turkey, Malaysia, Russia, Germany and Italy, we are dedicated to supplying service and products of the highest quality to worldwide customer satisfaction.

Corporate Principles

Our Vision
To bring health and comfort to your homes

Our Mission
To manufacture high quality pipes and fittings at affordable prices through maximum efficiency and effective use of our resources, in order “to keep life flowing”.

Our Values
VESBO is global but we work on a local level in every community in which we do business. These communities provide the values and world ethic that make up the foundation of all of our work.

Employee compliance with all of these principles is vital for our continued success. VESBO ensures that our principles are communicated to, understood and observed by all employees.

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Quality at VESBO

About us

Quality is engineered into VESBO products throughout the entire manufacturing process.

We have learned and adapted many of the best practices of successful quality management systems in developing our own VESBO Quality System.

ISO 9001 certified VESBO Quality System is designed to be a continuous and unceasing cycle in order to create satisfied customers, management, and employees.

Apart from internal controls planned and maintained by our technical departments, there are also periodic external controls carried out by independent international organizations.

External controls include both product testing according to specific and relevant standards and complete quality system controls.

Conducted by the most prominent authorities in the world, external controls are our essential tools to ensure the highest quality products and, consequently, satisfy our customers’ expectations.

For further information about VESBO Quality System and our certifications, you are welcome to contact us at .

Environmental Care at VESBO

At VESBO, we conduct our manufacturing operations in an environmentally acceptable manner and we seek continual advancements in production processes, management policies and systems for environment as well as pollution prevention.

Being a green pipe manufacturer, we will always pay close attention to protecting the environment in our production process.

Our standards meet the requirements of most countries and regions.

As a result of our relentless pursuit of environmentally friendly practices, we are awarded the “LEADER” certification, the highest rating, from the Singapore Green Building Council.

VESBO will continue to strive towards being a world-class environmentally friendly corporate citizen.

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About us

Health and Safety at VESBO

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It begins with respect for the individual. Each employee is important for us.

VESBO is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for its employees worldwide.

Consistently with our commitment to Occupational Health and Safety, our direction is to constantly raise the bar from a global viewpoint.

In ISO 45001 certified VESBO facilities, we put the focus on safety and health of our employees and ensure the implementation of the best practices in the world.

Our standards meet and go above the requirements of most countries and regions.

Effective implementation of these standards results in a safer working environment for our workforce.

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Career at VESBO

VESBO companies are required to recruit, employ and promote employees on the sole basis of the qualifications and abilities needed for the work to be performed.

Each associate is important, has valuable contributions to make towards the success of the team, and deserves the opportunity to develop his or her potential.

Through company based information and consultation procedures, we maintain good communications with our employees. To us, our associates are not simple cogs but problem-solving specialists and proactive thinkers who are trained in a variety of skills.

If you are ready to work together with us as one team towards Worldwide Customer Satisfaction, please send your CV to .

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